13 - La Porta di San Baccolo


The western gate San Baccolo was also called “della Potenza” or “Porta di Massa”. This name was due to its position which represented the entrance and exit for anyone coming to Sorrento from the present Municipality of Massa Lubrense. The gate was dedicated to Santo Baccolo, a Sorrentine bishop who lived in the 17th century AD. According to popular belief, his remains were buried in the gate itself, although an urn with his ashes are kept in the church dedicated to him.
The gate was an important link to the villages to the west of the city of Tasso. It was linked to the other side of the valley by a bridge. On top of the gate was a bust of the Saint which came to an uncertain end. Below it was the City’s ancient coat of arms that can be seen in the paintings of 19th century artists. The emblem is now kept in the Town Hall.