Itinerary 29 - Sorrento – Colli Fontanelle

Departure point

Sorrento (via Gradoni)

Arrival point

Sant'Agnello (Piazza Sagristani)




Waymarks Green waymarks and tiles

Total distance

2200 m


+ 265 - 59 m

Min altitude

201 m

Max altitude

406 m

Shared departure points



As per itinerary 26 Zatri, this route also does not start in Sorrento but branches off the main road Casarlano, along circuit 22 (Villages of Sorrento valley), a few metres to the east of the square in Baranica.

It starts off with a very tough climb for the first 500 metres. Once the road evens out you will come to the first junction where, following green railings, you turn right with the sign Via Gradoni on your left.

The itinerary starts going uphill again, but not so steeply as before. Continue into Via Sant'Angelo, and after around 700 metres you will come to a junction where a tree covers the entire road. Take the path into the woods on the outside of the bend. You will find a dirt track completely immersed in greenery, at the end of which you will be able to see the Gulf of Salerno and the Amalfi coast. A rough downhill stretch now follows at the end of which you will once again be on a paved road taking you to Piazza Sagristani, where you will be able to admire the view of the Bay of Naples.

The map also indicates the route from Piazza Tasso to the start of this itinerary.


How to get to the starting point

From the port: Proceed uphill along via Luigi De Maio. After 400 metres you will come to a hairpin bend with steps opposite taking you directly to Piazza Tasso. You can also take the shuttle bus to the centre if you prefer. Once there follow itinerary 22.

From Sorrento station: Go down the steps of Piazza De Curtis to Corso Italia. Turn left along the Corso and walk for around 400 metres, until you arrive in Piazza Tasso. Once there follow itinerary 22.

Coordinate gps Google Maps

GPS coordinates

Departure point

40.620170, 14.390953

Arrival point

40.613038, 14.407664

Painted signs


Description of the itinerary


via Gradoni


via Sant'Angelo


via San Pietro


via la Rocca


via Passarano


piazza Sagristani

Comments and reviews

A long climb but worth it for the views

Helen Mears


We walked this route in November 2022. As explained in the description the first section is very steep, and although it later becomes less steep the climb goes on for quite a long time. The route follows a narrow road and you have to be careful of cars and scooters needing to pass. The tree is no longer covering the road at the junction and you can just go straight across onto the track and out into a more open area. The views from this section were stunning. There is a short section where the track seems to disappear but you can continue on a narrower and rougher path before the track reappears. At the end of the track there is a choice of roads and we did not see any markers. It is the road to the left down the hill that takes you into Colli di Fontanelle where there are more wonderful views and cafes for refreshments if needed. This was one of our favourite itineraries we did while staying in Sorrento, and can be combined with other routes to make a longer walk.

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